Global Collection and Payout

Receiving and sending fund may seem like a breeze on the surface, but as you delve deeper into the details it can become a labyrinth of complexities and uncertainties, particularly when it involves cross border activities with multiple countries. With regulations, currencies, and cultures to navigate, it can leave companies with a plethora of questions and concerns.

Mainstream banks’ offerings often fall short in addressing these demands. At CFG Global, we understand these complexities. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and provide tailored solutions that utilize our extensive global banking network, specialized industry knowledge and innovative FinTech systems.
We have our own global banking network that spans across most of the OECD countries which enables our clients with fast and secure collection and payout services for both local and cross-border transactions. Our global banking network creates an ecosystem that supports T+0 service.

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Global Multi-Currency Account

Break free from the hassle of limited banking facilities and get everything you need to manage your global money.

CFG Global offers Multi-Currency Accounts in our client's own name. It functions as a local currency account in your name, equipped with local bank and branch codes, as well as dedicated account numbers.

This makes it easy to pay and get paid like a local whilst providing all the SWIFT capability of a true international account so you can receive global money at the speed and cost of local payments.

Comprehensive Payout Network

To meet the demands of modern cross-border transactions, CFG Global offers a wide array of local and global transfer options, ensuring you get fast, reliable and cost efficient payout solutions.
CFG Global empowers clients to move fund globally via CFG’s payout network, which is connected to local banking system in over 60 countries. It supports local and SWIFT payouts in 121 countries/regions and over 30 currencies, with ongoing expansion of its coverage.

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Large and medium enterprise-level businesses that make high volumes of payouts can work with our team to create a scalable solution. Whether you refer to them as bulk payments or mass payouts, you have the option to facilitate multiple international transfers through an easy .csv file or full automation through our API.
Our service is tailored to accommodate your needs, offering a wide range of payment solutions for you to choose from. Whether you need to make regular payments or a one-off transaction, whether it's for immediate use or future purposes, we've got you covered. This service doesn't incur any extra charges, and you can use it again for future payments of a similar nature.

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Compliance and Security

At CFG Global, compliance is at the forefront of every transaction we facilitate. Our team ensures that every transaction is settled in a fully compliant manner, with designated currencies and into the local banking network of your choice, giving you peace of mind. Our dedicated team is available to offer personalized support and guidance throughout the entire process of your transactions, ensuring a smooth and successful completion.

We are required by law to ensure the safety of your funds by storing them in a low-risk financial institution and holding them in specially segregated accounts, keeping them completely separate from our other assets.