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CFG Global is a leading Fintech company, pioneering the next wave of global money management with its full suite of banking capabilities to support traditional flows and the emerging digital economy.

We believe that in order for businesses to prosper and grow there needs to be as few boundaries as possible. Since 2009, we have deployed solutions across commercial and investment sectors to remove global financial barriers, unlock cross-border opportunities and reach new international markets. Our strategic advantage is the depth of specialization in the industry, our advanced compliance framework and the leveraging of innovative technologies.

We are a diverse team of professionals and business entrepreneurs, united by our global outlook and multicultural expertise. To provide solutions to our clients’ complex needs, our approach is highly flexible. We listen, understand and adapt to the needs of each client, often encountering unique requirements. Our aim is to tailor solutions and manage them with precision, so we can provide a trusted, transparent service, from execution through to post-trade – whether for individual, business and corporate clients. Ever-changing markets, technology, regulations and economic environments mean our approach is to steadily evolve. We adapt, introducing new products and cutting-edge technology, developing our capabilities and expanding our reach, all helping us create new opportunities for our clients.

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Our Advantages

Trusted Brand

Over 14 years we have become one of the most renowned financial service brands in Oceania. We are recognised as a leading non-banking financial institution for local and international clients that need cross-border collection, conversion and settlement services.

Competitive Exchange Rate

We offer highly competitive wholesale exchange rates at the mid-market level to boost cross border profits and enhance your business advantage.

Licensed Financial Institution

We hold financial services licences in multiple countries, providing peace of mind that we comply with all local and offshore financial services regulations.

Professional Team

Our professional team comprises of multinational elites. We speak in Mandarin, English, Cantonese, Korean and Malaysian.

Comprehensive Collection and Settlement Methods

We offer a wide range of collection methods including Card Schemes, local bank transfers, SWIFT payments and Mobile Wallets which can be settled quickly and efficiently through our global banking networks.

Compliance & Security

We prioritise compliance and security to ensure the safe and secure handling of your funds. Our adherence to strict regulatory standards and implementation of best practices in areas such as governance, fund security management, data privacy, transaction security, and technology security, safeguard your funds.