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Corporate FX Management and Payment Strategy.

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Corporate FX Management

CFG Global offers optimized corporate FX management solutions that empower corporations to reduce capital risks, improve returns on invested capital, and mitigate risk from exchange rate fluctuations. This includes corporate risk analytics and corporate FX advisory services to identify potential opportunities and risks within the current cross border landscape that our clients need to address.

For the past 14 years, we have helped our commercial customers to navigate multiple market risks surrounding cross border transactions. During this time we have accumulated extensive real world experience and insight across various business segments which help to optimise the solutions we develop for our clients today. Our expertise spans evaluation of different payment periods, currencies involved, risk appetite, and settlement urgency.

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We recognize the challenges faced by importers and exporters in this ever-evolving market where competition is driven by rapid changes in the economy and technology. Traditional product-chain and sales-chain challenges have intensified, while core risks related to funding, payment, and foreign exchange management are putting increased pressure on companies. We understand your pain points, which is why we take great pride in offering our advanced corporate FX advisory service.
No matter if you are an Emerging Market Multinational Enterprise (EM-MNE) or a bilateral commerce company, our advisory service will help you find efficient ways to accelerate your cash flow through the adoption of CFG's global trading and settlement service. Our Interbank-level wholesale pricing will reduce your foreign exchange costs and increase profit margins. With a track record of serving thousands of commercial customers over the past 14 years, we are continuously expanding our reach to more countries and regions.

Commercial customers are exposed to various foreign exchange risks, which can significantly dilute profits in the face of adverse rate movements. By mitigating these risks and locking down your costs, you can enhance operational efficiency and increase your profit margin.

Reduced impacts from foreign exchange rate fluctuations to your business

Reduced impacts from unexpected and adverse future market events

Enhanced cash flow utilization and turnaround speed

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Payment Strategy

Commerce is evolving at a rapid pace and your Payment Strategy must evolve with it. The payments industry is constantly introducing new products and services to meet consumer needs for faster, safer, and more convenient methods of payment. The introduction of new payment types and changing security standards combined with evolving legislative requirements creates a complex landscape to navigate. Building an effective Payment Strategy that leverages the best of vendor solutions with your own internal capabilities is now more important than ever.
CFG Global has a proven methodology for Payment Strategy development. We examine an organization’s core capabilities, thee competitive landscape and trends within the sector to identify what is needed to leap the pack. Our vast experience working with organizations and payment solution providers across multiple channels within numerous verticals allows us to bring a unique perspective to each client engagement. Combining our experience and our established methodology helps ensure the payment strategies delivered are obtainable, executable, and provide a clear roadmap for achieving your organization’s goals.